too poor to parent is not an excuse!

In the article “Too Poor to Parent” it talks about a story about a women named Lisa who had a caseworker come to her house who realized that the apartment had no lights and that the food in the fridge was spoiling. Lisa explained that she did not have the money to pay her electric bill that month, but would have the money in a few weeks. The caseworker then promised that she would help her and get the family into a family shelter but instead she left Lisa alone in the apartment and took the children and had them put into a foster home. Another story was about Monique who too lost her children to foster care. The police one day found her baby alone in the house and  ended up taking him into protective custody. The next day Monique was charged with inadequate guardianship and medical neglect because she had not seen a cardiologist or gotten the baby his medicine for his heart condition. Monique is now only allowed to visit her children once a week supervised for two hours. Single mothers/ parent do not realize that not having enough money to take care of your child is not an excuse, there are MANY ways for someone to get money for example a simple waitressing job just to be able to make money to give your children the food and other necessities. I don’t feel bad for parents that have their children taken away because they clearly did not do enough to try to keep their children, either being too lazy and not getting a job or an extra job on the side of the job they already have or they spend the money they make on drugs or other addictions. I believe that there should be a law that when having a child, you should be checked to make sure you are financially stable to be able to support the baby you are taking home, and if not right then and there that child should be set up to be adopted.